Monday, March 31, 2014


At the time I started this blog, approximately ten months ago, I knew that it would be a temporary space.  My first blog, My Cozy Book Nook, seemed too confining for the diversified posts I wanted to write, and yet my life was in transition and I was not sure what the next step should be.

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A year ago I was overwhelmed by the changes in life, seemingly all at the same time:  hitting that "half century" mark which officially qualified me to become a member of AARP; the death of my mother which resulted in me becoming an orphan and the matriarch of the family; and the birth of my granddaughter on the day of Mom's memorial service - and only six months after my youngest left the nest.  I needed to retreat and regroup and I did so... here in the cocoon and at home in the nook.

Over these past few months I have done much soul searching and gained quite a bit of insight.  I am learning to accept myself more and compare myself with others less.  I am learning to come to grips with my perfectionism and realize that I do not have to be the best to have purpose in life.  I am learning that God does not love me because of what I do, but simply because of who I am.

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This transformation takes about two weeks in the life of a butterfly - a bit longer for me.  But that's ok.  Through this process I have discovered my next step.

I will be retiring in six weeks:  May 16, 2014.  I have adored my teaching career and I know that I will miss it greatly; but it is time to move on.  I plan to follow a passion, something I have never done in life.  I plan to write.

I have developed a business website, Stepping Stones Publications, where you can learn more about my interest in becoming a personal historian.  I have also developed three blogs that will allow me to write more freely without self-imposed limitations.

Stepping Stones Blog will be my personal blog.  I anticipate many entries will focus on my writing endeavors, or books read, or personal discoveries.  The first post will be up tomorrow.

Stepping Stones:  Travels will document all my posts related to exploring the world, from local Kansas City to exotic Europe and beyond.  The first post should be up by the end of this week.

Stepping Stones:  Photos will not only showcase pictures I have taken, but will also discuss how photography has taught me valuable life lessons.  I hope to have something to share in the next couple of weeks.

As with any venture, I am a bit tentative.  There is comfort in the cocoon, even if the space is cramped and confining.  But I know that staying within prevents me from becoming the person God desires me to be.  The wings have developed, it is now time to take a step of faith and fly.  I hope you will join me on this journey...