Sunday, November 3, 2013

A New Photography Blog

After much consideration (and frustration with Blogger) … I have decided to create a new blog devoted to the 365 project.

While photography is most definitely a part of my life… and a part of the transforming experience in becoming who I am meant to be… it is by no means the single priority of my life.  And while I want to actively participate in this project by posting daily pictures, I do not want these posts to dominate this blog; that is not my vision for Emerging from the Cocoon.

So… if you are interested in following my 365 Project daily updates, please visit my new blog:  My Spiritual Journey through Photography.  I will more than likely provide a weekly post here, but in an attempt to maintain the personal, intimate focus of this blog, I will not clog the feed with more than an occasional update.

Now… after this nice little diversion… it is time to return to NaNoWriMo.  I have a knack for procrastinating…..


  1. I'm procrastinating too in NaNoWriMo. I joined, but haven't written anything yet! lol talk about writer's block....I was going to let you know, to be writing partners, but first I have to write something, then I can let you cheer me on! and vice versa....let me know if you want writerly support words from me this month! You can do it, Molly.

    The sound of your photography blog sounds interesting too. I'm glad you are following both, writing and photography, as you unwind into your self and learn what you really want to do.

  2. Ah, going to follow the new blog now :) I feel the same way. Even though my blog is mostly centered around photos I wanted to be able to share things OTHER than my daily picture without totally clogging up everyone's feeds. I'm posting daily pictures onto Flickr and will post once a week with my 365 photos. Hoping that works out for me so I don't get burnt out with a daily blog post too.