Monday, September 30, 2013

Crafty Monday: Variations on a Theme

For several years now I have entertained the idea of developing a Greeting Card ministry.  I have no desire to begin a business (although I am quite impressed with those who maintain Etsy shops...) or to consider it as another vocation, but I do enjoy paper crafts and I think most people enjoy an unexpected letter in the mail.  A Greeting Card ministry seems to be a nice marriage of my interests and talents coupled with my desire to bring joy to others.  However... I have been rather slow in getting this off the ground; I have lots of ideas and I try to keep a running list of potential recipients, but I fail to make the time to create and thus all I have so far is a heap of good intention.

But this past weekend I wanted to make a card for my youngest's birthday, and I also wanted to work towards the completion of the Pin It and Do It challenge, so I perused my Pinterest Board and found this example.  I really like "simply elegant" cards, those that do not require a lot of artistic skill but are pleasing to the eye, and this one fit the bill.  I was drawn to the embossed white on white with just a touch of pastel color. 

While I had this particular embossing folder, I did not have the cupcake die cut nor this exact stamp set.  This is my typical mode of operation, however - to find an idea but modify it to suit my needs or style.  While I tried to duplicate the birthday sentiment on the front of the card with a decorative stamp (I tried a party hat, cupcake and streamers), I ultimately decided to leave the front quite simple... and instead add a bit of decorative sentiment to the inside.

I played a bit with the cupcake stamp - trying to find a shade of ink that would match the ribbon but not be too overpowering - and then I added a bit of flair by giving the candle's flame a "glow" and adding dimension to the icing with Stickles.  I had to wait about an hour for the icing to dry, but I liked the end result.

I then realized that this design is so versatile that it can be adapted to many other occasions and not just birthdays.  I embossed the fronts using a different folder and left the inside blank; I can then add the appropriate sentiment when the time comes.  I think these would make a good baby card, sympathy card, or simply a Just Because card.

As with most crafts, it is just as easy to make several as it is to make one, so I thought I would create a few extras to keep on hand.  I changed the color of the ribbon and the inside sentiment to add a bit of variety.  The collection reminds me of a Sherbet sundae.

My final experiment of the day was to modify the front and add the sentiment, leaving room on the inside to write a more elaborate note.  I think black and white is quite formal and elegant, the perfect combination for a wedding.

I had a lot of fun creating this weekend.  I just need to remind myself to do it more often.


  1. Love your cards!

    I looked at all of your pins. What fun, what fun. I don't know how many times I have debated buying an embosser. I've downloaded and saved info about all of the various machines and embossing cards from websites and saved them in a file. I've studied what's available when at JoAnn's and Michaels ... and have, every time, I have decided against embossing, as well as die cut machines. Definitely die cut machines. These don't intrigue me at all. I think both are far more useful in card making, which I don't do (much). But I love the effect of embossing. But I do love to get dirty with stamping, inks, embossing powders, all of those infinite effects/possibilities.

  2. I love handmade cards and used to make them. My problem was I could never figure out a sentiment to put on the inside.

  3. Beautiful, Molly! I have never gotten into paper crafts, but you are inspiring me.

  4. Wow. I've tried embossing. I'm shaking my head thinking "no Etsy? Dang, I'd buy those" and then thinking you're doing a great thing and will love making the cards even more because of it.

  5. Your cards are beautiful, Molly. I've been tossing the idea of card making in my head in recent months. It's something I'd like to try if I can ever make the time for it. I'd love it even more if I can interest my daughter in it--we can make it a family affair. I think it'd be fun. Nothing fancy or to sell or anything like that. Just a fun hobby to share.

  6. I LOVE these! My sister used to make cards like these and I've always admired the way that they look but I have very little patience for actually creating them. I especially love the last one for a wedding card. Very beautiful!